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Western States Rebar provides a wide variety of services and products.


Our estimating team works quickly and accurately to provide you with a number for your project that is both fair and worthy of the quality of work WSR provides. If you would like a quote on a project, please email your plans and bid date to bids@wsrebar.com.


We provide consistent, accurate, and on the spot detailing in-house for anything as small as a TI to Water Treatment Plants and everything in between. We have a reputation for having the shortest lead times on submittals.


Our shop workers do an amazing job at fabricating rebar to the exact lengths and bends that your project needs. We employ hard workers who value what they do and provide precise product time and time again.

Placing & Tying

Through our subcontractor, Rocky Mountain Rebar, we can provide all of your tying and placing needs from anything to pre-tie to cast in place.

Concrete & Masonry Rebar

We can provide a full rebar package for concrete, masonry, and site work.

Galvanized & Black Mesh

We carry the industry standard sizes of mesh in stock and can provide custom mesh needs per project upon request.

Epoxy-Coated Rebar

Epoxy rebar (Green Bar) is coated bar used in corrosive conditions (such as salt/water). This is generally the bar used in bridges and department of transportation projects.

Smoot Bar & All-Thread

We have smooth bar in all sizes in both black and epoxy bar.

Bolts, Straps & Dobbies

We also inventory your standard bolt’s, straps & dobbies, completing all your reinforcement needs.

Recent Projects

Western States Rebar specializes in providing full rebar packages for a wide variety of construction projects. We are more than happy, willing, and eager to accommodate the smallest needs, such as tenant improvements, to the largest of needs, such as new water treatment facilities. Projects we have completed include anything from Bridges, Parking Structures, Pre-tied Cassions & Cages, Religious Buildings, Tilt Up’s, Water Tanks, Treatment Plants, Remodels, Hotels, School’s, Retail Spaces, and Homes to name a few. We love what we do and feel it shows in our product and work.

About Western States Rebar

Western States Rebar has been providing fabricated black and epoxy rebar, concrete mesh and other metal products throughout the western states for almost a decade. Our performed work includes: commercial, industrial and residential buildings, waste-water treatment plants, water tanks, schools, precast concrete products, bridge decks and girders, lightpole bases and columns and many other types of structural reinforcing.

Through our relationships with the mills and our significant investments in equipment and automation, Western States Rebar is able to consistently deliver quality products at competitive prices. The next time your company is bidding a construction project in the western United States, let us price it for you.

Our Phylosophy

At Western States Rebar we try to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. We understand our clients' demands and processes and know that our clients rely on our performance and delivery to maintain their project schedules. We view our clients as partners in this process and work to ensure clear communication of product and delivery expectations. Where possible we make every effort to accomodate rush and change orders to help our partners.

Our History

Western States Rebar started operating out of a rented steel building in the Business Depot of Ogden. Through our relationships with great customers and partnerships with great suppliers, we've continued to grow steadily year-after-year.

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